Bettys with 5LM.

Some of 5LM were lucky enough to visit Bettys cookery school in Harrogate, for a bread making workshop and tour of the factory. They had a fabulous time and all came back with their own bread rolls made to Bettys recipe.

How was your bread 5LM?

Proposal to Increase Primary School Places within the Alwoodley area

Proposal to increase primary school places within the Alwoodley area

Leeds City Council is consulting on a proposal to expand Allerton Church of England Primary School from a capacity of 420 to 630 pupils by permanently increasing the admission limit in reception from 60 to 90 pupils from September 2018. The consultation period commences on Monday 26 June 2017 and closes on Friday 21 July 2017 at 4pm. During this time we will be having some drop-in sessions at the school for parents, carers and residents to learn more about the proposal and ask any questions they may have. The format of the drop-in sessions is informal, with officers from the Sufficiency and Participation (school place planning), Built Environment and Highways teams in attendance to discuss any queries you may have about the proposals. You may attend any of the drop-in sessions between the start and finish times.

Meetings details:

Drop-in session dates and times:

Monday 26 June 5pm-7pm

Monday 3 July 8.30am-9.30am

Thursday 13 July 2.45pm-4pm

To find out more about the proposal and how you can have your say, please pick up a copy of the consultation document from the school office, download it from here or visit the following websites from June 2017


Friday 24th February, 2017

On magnificent Monday, we did some magic maths, interesting IPEELL and terrific topic!

On troublesome Tuesday, we wrote about our first and second week at Allerton high and we did some more IPEELL and marvellous maths.

On wonderful Wednesday, we did a biography about Ernest Shackleton, but we wrote it in a handwriting pen and every time we made a mistake we would have to start again. Toby started about 3 times and Cian on the other hand started once and Alex started 5 times and some people had to start again about 6 times.WOW!That’s a lot of people!

Unfortunately,on Thursday,PE was cancelled due to Miss Wright being poorly. So,Mrs Elfallali covered us. In RE,we learnt about the 100 names of Allah(God).In French,we learnt the fruits and vegetables.

On Friday,our early bird was to write a story including 6 things (some were hilarious. And, the Reading Buddies had their first proper session.

Our learners of the week are, Cian and Taiya. Cian because he improved in his behaviour and Taiya because she always is helping people.

From the bloggers

(Look out for next weeks blog, we will be videoing a rap!)

ACE Football Manager

Just a reminder to the Year 5 football managers that the chairman is awaiting your scouting notes.

Football Manager Picture

Please head to the ACE Football Manager Blog to post your comments (School Website, Blogs, Other Blogs, ACE Football Manager).

Thank you to Stefan who has already successfully scouted striker Ellis Harris from Bristol Rovers, in League 1.

Blog Disaster!

The bloggers had a slightly upsetting afternoon!

After slaving after our blog, it unexpectedly disappeared 🙁 the whole thing was gone, they were very upset. And so was I, because now you have to settle for my simple, less exciting, version of the blog.

Happy half term, How time flies! We have had yet another brilliant week. I was absent on Monday and the children we taught by Mrs Johnston. She was also with me on Tuesday morning and was so impressed by the children’s progress in their reading and writing. The behaviour has also improved this week with the children enjoying some golden time this afternoon.

In IPEELL we have been writing our biographies, we have had an focus on cumulative re-reading to make sure we are proof reading our work every 2 sentences to prevent silly errors. The writing is fantastic and after half term we will be writing a final draft and we will all be using pens which is very exciting for the children!

In maths we have continued with long multiplication as we have got a bit stuck with it. I am going to stress how important it is that the children learn their multiplication tables as these are the foundations which will unlock their learning in this area.

As it is maths week, we have had a maths carousel on Tuesday. We combined with 5SK, 6RK and 6MJ and split into our houses. The children went to each teacher for a “magic maths” workshop in each. It was great fun! Continuing with our magic maths theme we had a magician visit us on Thursday where we were shown a few magical tricks.

It has also been Internet Safety week and we talked about being an “upstander” rather than a “bystander.” We learnt about the dangers of the internet and what we would do if we heard about a dangerous or inappropriate incident. We created posters for this.

Allerton High also welcomed us back for more Science on Wednesday. We tested for Hydrogen in the “squeeky pop” experiment. A special well done to Ayush who acted as an extra lab technician for Mr Allcock.

Homework is page 23 in Grammar and to learn those times tables! An extra task for the children to research animals in the Arctic and Antarctica and create a fact file to share in the first week back.

Have a great half term,

Miss Murphy 🙂

Friday 3rd February

Friday 3rd February, 2017

A special thanks to Toby and Ayush and the bloggers, Cian and Alex, for joining us today.

On Monday,we started a new subject, which is reading for 10 minutes with activities after. By the way,we are split up into two groups, one doing King of the Arctic and the other doing Kensuke’s Kingdom.

On Tuesday what did we do? Well, we had a supply teacher and we missed Miss Murphy!

On Wednesday, we did some more topic work about Sir Ernest Shackleton and some pole to pole. We compared the Arctic to Antarctica. Quick fact!! Polar bears live in the Arctic and penguins live in Antarctica.

On Friday, well the day we made this, we did IPEELL and we did 100 words challenge here is a bit from Cian’s book: It was time to show her cubs to grab food from the city to solve her hunger. First, she carefully modelled how to crack the slippery, freezing ice……. what happens to the baby Polar bears?

We marked each others work and gave our friends 2 stars and a wish for their writing.

Hope you enjoyed our blog and we will be back with you next week, bye.


Good Afternoon,

We have had a good week in Year 5. We started off on Monday with lots more reading. We are loving “Kensuke’s Kingdom” and our non-chronological reports about the Arctic and Antarctic. It is helping us with our writing too and have collated words that we want to “magpie” for our own writing.

In maths we have been multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. It has been really tricky but we are getting there. Keep practising those times tables because they are the foundation for all multiplication and make it so much easier. We are moving on to division next week so I have set the homework as division this week so we can see where our existing knowledge is and have a refresh before we start in school.

In IPEELL we have been planning to write a biography about Ernest Shackleton. We have done some great web research and planning and are ready to write on Monday!

In topic we compared the Arctic and Antarctica. We created writing and lovely illustrations to go with it. I am impressed with the writing that the children produced.

In R.E. we have been looking at patience. We are looking at stories in the Qu’ran and their morals. We are writing our own story with the moral of patience. The childrens task is to research different stories with morals over the weekend.

Our learner of the week is Zain. Zain consistently works extremely hard and sets a fantastic example to the rest of the class. What has impressed me even further this week is Zains resilience. When he gets something wrong, Zain strives for improvement and is always looking for his mistakes so he can self correct. He owns his learning! Well done, Zain!

Hope you have a good week,

Miss Murphy

Happy Friday!

Friday 27th January,2017
Just to start with Special Thanks to Toby,Ayush and Ben for joining us on the special blog 18.

On Monday, we carried on with our Arctic story and finished all our little tweaks. We also did maths and topic.

On Wednesday,we went to Allerton High for science. It was the best lesson we’ve had in AGES! As you would expect, we went over LOADS of safety rules but Mr.Allcock (the science teacher) made it fun. Once we had gone over all that, we learned how to light bunsen burners and we burnt types of iron. We also burnt magnesium which made a really bright light it was EXCELLENT.

On Thursday,it was quite mixed up.We had PE with the other class(5SK).Quite interesting.We played Benchball,Monkey Football and had a warm up and I tell you
it is TIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, in Science, we made a google slides about planets so I did pluto which is a dwarf planet. A dwarf planet travels around, or orbits, the sun just like other planets. But it is much smaller. Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930.

Today we did our normal spelling things and we did and our test. This weeks 10/10 spellers were Cian ,Nishta ,Simrath, Alex, Rose ,Layla, Subhaan, and Zain

Thank you


Good Afternoon!

Well first of all we are just pleased to have had a week free from inspections. What a relief!

We have had a fantastic week and have produced some fabulous work, I am so pleased. We started off on Monday learning about Earth and Space and talking about celestial features, we found some definitions and have started creating presentations to show to the rest of the class. Our science continued at Allerton High on Wednesday. It was so exciting, we got to burn stuff! We learnt all about lab safety and then got the chance to use the bunsen burners. We burnt iron filings which made a sparkling effect and magnesium which shone bright.

We have also been learning some trickier multiplication this week but have improved massively in confidence. We especially love the grid method as it is so clear. It has also reminded us about the importance of our multiplication tables. Keep learning these at home.

In IPEELL we have completed our stories, I have read some and they are looking fantastic. The progress children have made is so evident and I am so pleased. We have now moved on to Biographies.

During our topic lessons we have continued our pole to pole topic and have learnt about the human and physical features of Antarctica. The children produced some excellent ideas and it was beautifully presented.

We have also been thinking about forgiveness, what does this mean to us? How do we ask for forgiveness? I have asked the children to think about this at home and feed back in class. Our school is so fantastically diverse, it is excellent to hear about how our values are a part of everybody’s lives.

We also began our new reading session. One group is reading Kensuke’s Kingdom, a Michael Morpurgo classic. The other half reading “King of the Arctic.” We are having a 10 minute read daily followed by comprehension skills. Great preparation for assessment and the children have been really enjoying it!

Miss Murphy 🙂

Here are some photos of our time at Allerton High this week: