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We have completed our SATs. What a joy to watch you all, Mr Kay and I are incredibly proud! The attitude from all of you has been amazing and you tackled each paper with confidence. Well done!

Tomorrow, as a celebration, we are hosting…


Please complete these questions and comment your answers…


Miss Murphy

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  1. 1. Quite well but I know that I’ve got a few questions wrong.
    2. Yes and I believed in myself the whole way.
    3. I would have changed the way I revised at home.
    4. ACE required learning aids and recaps on things that we found difficult.
    5. It was very fun in my opinion and was a good place to chat and have fun with your friends.
    6. Nothing that I can think of.
    7. Believing in myself and thinking it is a practice paper.
    8. I think it did a bit since in secondary school you haft to do a lot of exams.
    9. Definitely not they felt like a practice paper and were easier than expected.


    How do you think it went?
    I think it went well as when checking back, I noticed lots of mistakes and so have got lots of marks ( hopefully ).

    Did you try your best?
    Yes, as I wanted to get full marks on every test.

    What would you change about the way you prepared for the SATs?
    I would change the fact that I did practice papers at home every day.

    Name something helpful ACE did to help.
    I think ACE helped by providing test papers every term to help build up our confidence.

    What did you think of SATs breakfast?
    I think it was great as I enjoyed getting up early an dcoming to school to have breakfast with my friends.

    Is there anything school could do to improve?
    I think school did everything they could to help us pass these SATs and I think there is nothing else they could have done.

    Did anything help keep you calm?
    The fact I had done some grammar school exams and practice SATs papers helped me keep calm.

    Do you think SATs helped you prepare for secondary school?
    Yes, as it has helped me prepare for the next test I do.

    Were they as bad as you expected?
    No, they felt just like normal practice papers.

  3. Question answers:
    Q1- I think it went very well and was much better than I expected. It also wasn’t that hard going.
    Q2- I 100 percent tried my best.
    Q3- I think I should have prepared more for reading but I still felt okay during that paper.
    Q4-The breakfast. It was an amazing way to kick start my day.
    Q5- I thought it was amazing and was actually very sociable.
    Q6- I think the teachers should relax more.
    Q7- The breakfast was a great way to chill out with your friends.
    Q8- Yes, because we will be getting even harder work and it is generally just good prep.
    Q9- No, some were actually quite enjoyable.

  4. Question about SATs
    *I think it went well because the papers had a mix of question from easy to challenging. Plus I enjoyed finding the answers.
    *Yes I fell I have done the best I can with all the questions.
    *I would change the spellings I practised at home as I learnt lots of complex spelling whereas I should have done a range of them.
    * They helped me understand that fun can be found in anything.
    *I loved having SATs breakfast because it gave me time to be with my friends and talk to them before I felt the pressure.
    * Yes they could give us a range of things to eat at SATs breakfast.
    *Yes playing games at the end of the days in class.
    *Yes because I fell secondary school is going to be hard.
    *No it was just like a practice paper apart from you had to write a DFE number.

  5. Q1 I feel it went better than i thought it would because, i had been worrying about it and now that it is over i feel a lot better.
    Q2 I think i did my best because, normally i struggle with finishing tests but to know that it was the actual thing drove me to try my best and finish all the tests
    Q3 Nothing
    Q4 Revision before the test
    Q5 It was really nice to meet up with your friends before SATS
    Q6 I think the students and the teachers need to relax more.

  6. 1)At first I didn’t think that I was going to do good but then when it came to the time of actually starting the test I think I did an amazing job and just got on with it and tried my hardest.
    2)I did try my best and I think that I succeeded and did really well.:)
    3)Next time I would think more confidently and not be worried about what could happen.
    4)The teachers were really helpful and made you feel really happy and prepared and when you needed a question reading to you they would help read it:)

  7. I think the SATs went really well and I tried my best to prove I can get get full marks. I think I prepared well for the SATs but one thing I would change is to take less pressure. ACE did really well to prepare is for SATs by teaching us everything that came up. The SATs breakfast was fun but there could have been more options. I think school should not change there approach. I kept on reminding myself that this is a practice to keep me calm. Yes as now we will keep this standard in High-school. No the SATs were really fun and not as bad.

  8. I think it went smooth since there was a massive build up and lots and lots of revision.

    I tried my absolute best but the pressure was just making me nervous and when we completed the first one I realised how much I needed to try.

    I would of have revised even more and stayed in at break time to get help from Miss Murphy.

    Mrs Bentley’s booster group!!!!

    The breakfast was DELICIOUS. The best toast I have had in days. I loved the games of twister and the relaxation with friends.


    I imagined SATs as practice papers with DFE numbers and waaaaay more teachers.

    Definitely since we will have LOADS of tests in the future.


    HOW do you think it went?
    I think it went very good and i hope everyone else felt like me.
    DID you try your best ?
    I did try my best and it felt good that i worked hard.
    What woud you change about SATs preporation?
    I would change all the maths homework to grammer homework.
    Name something that ACE helped you?
    they read the questions out to me .
    SATs breakfast
    was very nice and differant .

  10. Hola Miss Murphy woo we have finished SATs

    1) I think it went really well

    2) yes I 100% tried my very best

    3) I would of revised a lot more than I have done

    4) using those pocket posters and little booster sessions
    5) I really enjoyed the SATs breakfast it 1 got me ready for the big days ahead and also it was a nice time to relax and chill out with our friends

    6) I would probably say let the children have the choice of if they keep their jumper/cardigans on because all people work better in different ways

    7) having people around me and
    n the reasoning paper2 Miss Whitley reading out the questions
    8) yes definitely because high school is homework and tests galore
    9) No not really it just felt like a practice I only knew it was the real thing was because it was dead quiet .

    -think it was good.
    – definitely tried my best.
    -To be honest I would not change anything about how I prepared
    – Mrs Bentlys booster group
    -I think It was really nice to be able to talk to your friends before going into the classroom
    -yes, knowing that someone I’d always there to talk.
    -Yes because in high school you do a lot more tests.
    -No,not at all.

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