Easter Service: We finished the week with a lovely Easter Service in the school hall. We sang songs, heard the Easter story as well as listening to some brilliant prayers.

Easter Home Learning: A big well done to the children that completed their ‘Secret Agent Training’ packs and handed them in on time, a really great effort!

Hoodies: We shall be ordering hoodies next week. If you have not ordered a hoody and would like one, please place your order on Parent Pay ASAP. There example hoodies in the year 6 block that your child can try on for size.

Practice SATs: On Monday, we began completing our final practice SATs week. Most children made progress, which is really great. There are still a few areas to scratch up on, so we have sent home a little extra home learning to help with this.

We are not in school on Monday 22nd April.

See you back on Tuesday 23rd April.

Home Learning:


This week we have started our new class novel, Skellig. Have a look at the first chapter. What are the inferences that you can draw from the chapter. Make some notes and then comment below. Think about the strategies that we have used to improve our first read.

My Mini Maths

Have a go at finding out the missing angles. Use the knowledge that you have about the internal angles in quadrilaterals and triangles. Then have a go at the back to basics. It is important that we are regularly practising the four operations so we remain confident with the methods, especially dividing by a two digit number.

Well done for your hard work this week.


Miss Murphy


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  1. Hi Miss Murphy,
    Here are the blog challenges:


    They are new
    It was beginning to look like spring
    It was extremely dirty and old.
    The house was built a long time ago and or the house was not taken care of well enough by the previous owner.
    The estate agent is trying to make the house seem like it only needs a few little touch ups when really it needs a big clean out.

    37 degrees
    174 degrees
    180 r 7

  2. Here are my blog challenges!
    Reading Inferences
    Michael has quite an adventurous and brave personality because he has gone and found this ‘creature’ but not run away and decided to see what it was.
    This text has been written in the past tense.
    He clearly didn’t like the estate agent because in the text it says,”I looked away. I didn’t want anything to do with him.” this suggests that the estate agent could have been very annoying.
    1.37 degrees
    2.74 degrees
    3.187.096774 or 187 and 1/31
    Have a lovely rest of the week!

  3. Reading

    1.I notice that Mr Stone is an estate agent that likes the positive side of things.
    2.Micheal is a boy not a man because it says you and your mates with is something that younger people have.
    3.He always looks on the dark side of things.
    4.The others were more optimistic about the moving and now he has a baby in the house with him.
    5.He didn’t want change.
    6.The creature had been there for a long time.

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