22nd March

This week, we have been writing non-chronological reports about yellow-spotted lizards. We have used our class novel (Holes) to find out as much as we can and have drafted our points ready to edit next week. We have been working on ensuring that our writing is suitable for the genre and continued looking at making our writing more formal.

What is your favourite fact about yellow-spotted lizards? Comment below…

Home Learning

This week we have been focusing on the arithmetic questions that we have found the trickiest in class. Don’t forget to have a go at the extra ones that we have sent home and bring them in next week.

Have a go at these questions, they are all examples from past secret agent training. In this type of question you need to use your meta-learning skills and explain clearly how you know something. Always read your answer back and imagine you are someone else. Is your answer clear enough? Does it make sense? Does it answer the question?





Answer the questions based on this picture…

resource image

  • Why do you think the man practices his magic using chairs?
  • What other magic do you think the man possesses?
  • Why do you think he is in a field?
  • What do you think his home is like?
  • If you could perform magic, what power/ability would you most like to have?

I look forward to reading your comments!

Have a great weekend,

Miss M 🙂


11 thoughts on “22nd March

  1. Hi Miss Murphy!
    Here are my answers!
    1. Dev is correct because there is a bigger percentage of girls to work with.
    2. Just add another 326 to 5542.
    3. Adam is right because 0.25 as a fraction is 1/4 and 1/4 is smaller than 2/5.

    1. I think he practices using his magic using chairs because he has just picked a random thing from his house and tested himself on it.
    2. I think he doesn’t know what other magic he possesses and is a mysterious character.
    3. I think he is in a field because he cannot practice anywhere else and he would look strange practicing in the city etc.
    4. I think his home is in a remote place because he is a lonely and mysterious character.
    5.I would like to be able to fly because then I could get around places quicker.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you for the blog Miss Murphy!

    1) Dev is correct because milk chocolate covers half the pie chart for 50 boys which means it represents 25. For 100 girls just under half of the pie chart is covered for milk chocolate representing around 45, and 45 is bigger then 25.

    2) 5542 / 17 = 326 backwards is 326 X 17 = 5542 so to get 326 X 18 just add 326 to 5542 (5868).

    3) 0.25 is smaller than 2/5 because 2/5 of 1 is 0.4 (because 1/5 is 2) and 0.25 of 1 is 0.25, and 0.25 is smaller than 0.4.


    I think the man practices on chairs because they are light and maybe his magic isn’t very powerful (which would explain why he is practicing). I also think that the man could preform telekinesis and mind control as he seems to be moving the chairs with his mind and telekinesis and mind control are other ‘mind powers’. He could be in a field as there won’t be many people around (so he won’t be seen), it has lots of open space and he can not be distracted by any noise. I think his home is on an edge of a city that is very small and won’t arouse to much attention, perhaps a bungalow.

    If I could have a magical ability of my own I would have extremely good and amazing luck, more then any human has ever had. I would have luck as a power because I would be able to do almost whatever I want without much consequence. If I wanted to meet a powerful wizard who would give magic powers, because I was so lucky, it would happen!

  3. I enjoyed this week and I’m still very happy about getting a pen pass.
    Here are my answers to the pobble challenge:
    I think he is using chairs because it’ very different and unique to other magician.
    I think would be able to invent many weird and wonderful things.
    I think he is in a field so know one can see him and find out his secrets.
    I believe his would be very strange and full of strange objects.
    If i could perform magic I would be able to talk to animal and to fly.
    Thank you for another amazing week!

  4. 1/2 of 50 = 25.
    1/4 of 100 = 25
    More than 1/4 girls like milk chocolate so more girls than boys like milk chocolate.

    17 x 326 = 5542
    18 x 326 = 5542 + 326
    = 5868

    0.25 = 1/4
    2/5 = 8/20
    1/4 = 5/20
    8/20 > 5/20

    * I think he practices his magic using chairs as he has a great supply of them.
    * I think the man is also able to levitate himself and so fly.
    * I think he is in a field as nobody goes there and so nobody will no about his magic.
    * I think his home is hidden and nobody except him can find it .
    * I would most like to have the power to change my shape at will.

  5. Hola Miss Murphy I hope you are enjoying your week ( by the way happy birthday to Mrs Murphy )

    1) More girls like milk chocolate because on the boys chart only half like it and there are only 50 and half of 50 is 25 but on the girls chart 25 is only one quarter of their chart .

    20 You can use this fact because 326 x18 = 5868 and if you subtract 326 it will give you 5542 .

    3) 0.25 is smaller than 2/5 because is you convert 2/5 in to decimals it will give you 0.4 and I know that 0.4 is bigger than 0.25 .


    1) He uses chairs because that’s the only objects he owns .
    2) I think he can read minds .
    3) He uses the field so he can’t be seen .
    4) I think his home is like it looks old and grubby, little cottage on the outside but on the inside it’s a glamourous mansion .

    5) I would want to read minds .

  6. Thank you for such an amazing week this week here is the blog challenges 🙂
    Maths: I worked all these out on a piece of paper at home.

    1. Girls liked milk chocolate just less than a half so half: 100 = 50 my estimate is 45 out of 100 liked it. However boys liked milk chocolate half the amount of the full total of 50 so: 50 = 25. Ratio 45:25.

    More girls liked milk chocolate than boys.

    2. 5542 divided by 17 =326 helps you solve 18 x 326 because it tells you your answer will be around 5542.

    3.Adam is correct because 0.25 can be changed to 1/4 meaning when you change the denominator to be the same, 2/5 is bigger than a quarter.

    *I think he practices his magic using chairs because he wants to be part of a circus and they have told him if he wants to get in he has to be able to do that as his trick.

    *The man doesn’t posses any other magic as he had only one wish to ask the fortune teller and that was his wish so he could perform at the circus.

    *He is in the field because that is where the circus soon will be arriving to set up the big tent so he is waiting for them to arrive to show them his new trick.

    *His home is a caravan which he toes around with him in his car. Its very dirty and smells awful.

    *I would like to fly as I would be able to go to a different country whenever I felt like it without paying or without anyone knowing!

    Thank you Maisie.

  7. Hi Miss Murphy,
    1.I know that he is correct because when 100 girls are on the pie chart and 50 boys are on the pie chart and for the boys only 25 people like milk chocolate and for the girls about 45 people said that they liked milk chocolate more than the others.

  8. hola Miss Murphy hope you are enjoying your week ( by the way happy birthday Mrs Murphy )

    1) More girls like milk chocolate because on the boys chart only half of them like milk chocolate and I know that half of 50 is 25 and on the girls chart 25 is only one quarter of it .

    2) You can use this fact because if you do 18 x 326 = 5868 and if you do 5868 -326 =5542 .
    3 ) 0.25 is smaller than 2/5 because if you convert 2/5 into decimals
    it is 0.4 and I know that 0.25 is smaller than 0.4 .


    1) I think he uses chairs is because he is passionate about chairs.

    2) I think he also possesses things to do thing that they were not made to do .
    3) He’s in a field so he can not be seen .
    4) I think his house on the outside look like a small, grubby, cottage but on the inside it is a glamourous mansion .
    5) I would be able to read minds .

  9. Hi Miss Murphy,

    My mum was just wondering if you have to do all of the SAT’s papers in the holidays.

    Have a nice holiday Miss Murphy!

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