Holes: Job Advertisement.

This week we have been working on our job advertisements for a new caretaker at Camp Green Lake. Next week we will be finishing them, have a think about what the job requirements would be. Comment below, this will really help you next week!

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Science week

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This week I have been so impressed with the work that the children have done in science this week. Skye, Amelia and Shams all did some extra work at home. Well done to you all.

 Home Learning


Have a go at these maths challenges…



Have a great weekend,

Miss Murphy


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  1. I went on Mr Kay’s blog. Here are the answers to Maths Mission 2:

    The radius of a circle is _______ cm. 4 cm
    Its diameter is ________ cm. 8cm
    Its circumference is approximately __________ cm. 25 cm

    Clues I can solve before answering the question:
    • The square is 90̊ (I hope you can see that degrees symbol).
    • y = 180 – ( 90̊ + 65̊ ).
    • All the angles (65̊ + 90̊ + y) add up to 180̊.

    y = 25̊

    Writing – sick sentences

    Original sentence:
    The fish swam through the water. The girl sat on the fish with her fishing rod.

    Improved sentence:
    The peculiar fish pierced through the gloomy water. The mysterious girl was mounted on the beast with her broken fishing rod.

  2. Hi Miss Murphy I hope you are having a great weekend
    You need to be very observant, For example if a yellow spotted lizard was in a cot you would have to be very aware and alert with it have a routine that you will stick to and always be willing to help .

  3. I’ve really enjoyed working on the job advertisements (especially the learning pocket) and am looking forward to finishing them off.

    Note: I cannot access the challenges on the blog – please can you (Miss Murphy) make sure you have uploaded them correctly.😀

    Thank you for your effort on the blog!😊

  4. Hi Miss Murphy!
    Here are my answers!
    1) 25 degrees
    2) The radius of the circle is 4 cm;
    its diameter is 8 cm and
    its circumference is approximately 25 cm

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