Our time in the Art studio has come to an end. We had a fantastic fortnight and are so proud of the work that we produced. Our stories are fantastic, food was delicious and dancing was spectacular. Thank you to Mrs Johnston, Mrs Lynch and Mrs Walker for all of their hard work.

Here are some amazing pictures that Mr Sherbourne took at our celebration on Friday.

Look out for more pictures…

Science Week

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This week is Science week. Please comment, post on google classroom or bring into school any Science learning you have done this week. You may have discovered something interesting or maybe you have a question about Science that you are wondering about. Miss Judge and Miss Edwards will be looking to post great examples on the Science blog.

Home Learning

Tuesday Motivation

Don’t forget…

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Don’t forget to comment 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week,


Miss M 🙂

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  1. I really enjoyed working in the art studio and it was a real shame I missed the celebration at the end of the week. 🙁 I hope it went well!

  2. I really enjoyed the art literacy fortnight, I think that our class, our team, worked together really well in the dance (and other work of course). Thank you Miss Murphy for making the fortnight 20 times better.

    Thanks for the blog!

  3. Thank you for the homework I was wondering what the homework pages were. I loved our time in the art studio especially when we did the art with the wax. I have learnt how to sew and I have acquired many other skills when we were at the art studio. Thank you Mrs Johnston!

  4. The art studio was definitely a time of enjoyment!
    ☚ī¸ Unfortunately this is our last experience in the ACE art studio though. ☚ī¸

  5. Thank you for the homework but one problem I don’t know what the spag is… But I love the LETTER so heart warming! You should do those more often. Can I stay in to learn a bit more maths. I need help on percentages, fractions and finding the area of parallelograms.

    P.S Can I have an office?

  6. Thank you for another amazing week!I have rely enjoyed my week in the art studio.Even if its nice to be back in the class room now!

  7. The art fortnight was really good because we went to Adel woods. During this fortnight we did some sewing and made different colours for some pieces of art.

  8. I really enjoyed my time in the art studio. I didn’t expect such a challenge. The art studio really helped me reach my full potential. It’s a pity I won’t experience it again.

  9. Hi Miss Murphy I have had a brilliant two weeks in the art studio thank you for being the best I hope this week will be just as good

  10. Hi Miss Murphy,

    Thank you for giving us the chance to go in the art studio and do some amazing art and creative writing. I have to say that yours and Mrs Johnston’s writing was very inspiring and it helped me a lot to produce a good standard of writing.

    Many thanks,

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