Yesterday, we launched our brand new topic: The Mayans! Douglas from the ‘Leeds Playhouse’, which is a local theatre, visited the school and revealed the topic through drama and discovery. This worked well, well because we used our imaginations and detective abilities to discover the civilisation, much alike the explorers (Spanish conquistadors) would have many years ago.

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You have all proved that you can do this. Remember, if there is one decimal place, the answer (or product) will have one decimal place. Because 0.5 is the same as 1/2, all you are really doing is halving 56 to find your answer. However, column multiplication is a good method to go with if you are unsure…

Top Tip: Find 10% by diving the number by 10.

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Miss Murphy

10 thoughts on “25.1.19

  1. Hi Miss Murphy you can finally rest after all your shows hope you have a nice rest
    31o) 0.5 x 56=28
    31p) 0.5 x74=37
    32o) 65% of 110= 65
    32p) 45% x1,560= 3564

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