Well done this week everyone, you all made it into school… Even though I know it was difficult to get up, especially after Christmas. I really enjoyed our first week in our new classroom – how did you find it? Here are the tasks you need to complete – let’s go for it this term!

Home Learning:

Maths Reasoning: Adding:

Think like a detective as you read this question… What do you notice? What are the important parts? What do you know about liters and milliliters? If someone uses something, or spends it, or takes it away, which operation is it (add/subtract/multiply/divide)? This is a little easier. Can you use a bar model for this second question? Be careful with your place value. Double check your answer:


We spoke about this today – remember to find a common denominator before adding these fractions. Start with the smallest denominator and see if you find a common multiple:

For 30o and 30p:

Remember that dividing by 4 means you are dividing into 4 parts. So you can write the 4 as 1/4 (you are dividing into quarters.

Your question then reads: 1/30 ÷ 1/4

To solve the question from here:

  • Multiply the numerators
  • Multiply the denominators
  • Simplify (if you possible)


Learning these spellings will set you up nicely for the Summer. Don’t panic and try to learn them all at once… Pick 10, practise them and then try another 10 the next day.

Please practise the spellings as much as you can. There are lots, but  and begin to work through your Lexia units,

Have a good weekend,

Miss Murphy

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  1. Hi Miss Murphy this week has been great ( as always ) but even better in our new classroom .
    1) There is two litres of oil . They’re asking you to work out how much she has left .
    The operation you need to use is the subtraction operation
    2) 4328
    30o) 1/30 divided by 4 = 1/120
    30p) 7/15 divided by 9=7/135

  2. 1) 1568 ml
    2) I====I = 1305 tins (first hour)
    I=====I = 1464 (second hour)
    I======I = 1559 (third hour)
    I===============I = 1305 + 1464 + 1559
    = 4328

    29o) 1/12 + 1/15 + 1/60 = 1/6
    29p) 1/48 + 1/12 + 1/3 = 21/48
    30o) 1/30 divided by 4 = 1/120
    30p) 7/15 divided by 9 = 7/135

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