Takeover Day:

Today, children from all over the school had the opportunity to take over the role of a teacher. But it wasn’t just about today – they had to get through a strenuous application process first, where they had to say why they would be good for the role!

I was lucky enough to have 4 Miss Murphy’s today: 

Daniel, Isaac and Matthew from 6LM and Layal from 4SP.

It was a pleasure to have them work with me today; they did a brilliant job by giving clear instructions and assisting me with my daily jobs. They planned their own lessons and even helped me mark! What I was really impressed with was how keen they were to impress and how organised they were throughout the day – well done!


Home Learning:

In case you missed it – here is the home learning that we’ve set:


We do this skill every day. Remember which way the digits move when you divide and how it is the opposite for multiplication. We have been talking about noticing parts of a questions before we attempt them:


  • I notice that it is division, which means my digits need to move to the right… (or the point moves to the left but I did not teach you that muhaha).
  • I notice that it is divide by 100 which means I need to move two places.

Writing Competition:

Have a go at this challenge. The best will win raffle tickets in class.

resource image

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The ladder was big.

Tim started to climb the ladder.

Winners will be announced in class on Thursday.

Learners of the week are Niall and Ashley. They have both been working incredibly hard on their handwriting and have earned their pen passes today. Well done!

Have a super weekend,

Miss Murphy

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  1. Wow, what a week. Take over day sounds so much fun and congratulations to those who have gained their own passes. See you soon. John

  2. Arithmetic –
    5.3 ÷ 100 = 0.053
    0.07 ÷ 10 = 0.007
    1000 x 9001 = 9,001,000
    1872 x 1000 = 1,872,000

    Writing challenge –
    These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

    The ladder was big.
    The ladder, which was made out of metal, towered over the house.

    Tim started to climb the ladder.
    Tim, who was a curious boy, started to climb the unusual ladder, unusual because of its unique shape.

  3. Hi miss a Murphy
    19o) 5.3divided 100=0.53
    19p) 0.07dividedby10=0.007
    20o) 100×9001=900100
    20p) 1,872×1000=1,872,000
    As Tim started to climb the old rooked ladder it suddenly started grow .

  4. Writing competition!
    The ladder was creaky and rotting, old and snapped, though I still began my journey to the very top. Every step I took I proceeded with caution as I did not trust the slimy moss that covered every inch of it. I was up at least twenty feet high when I began to regret my decision as one one of the slippy steps had evidently not been able to hold its self after however many years of terrible weather it had been through. Holding my breath I took what felt like the biggest gap of my life. I had made it . Until…the step I was stood on gave way. I was falling falling ,falling. Knowing this would be the end , I fell to the ground with a thud. Though ,this did not fell like the mud covered ground I had began my journey on but soft and comfortable…

    Sick sentences!
    1.The old and wet ,dirty and mass covered ladder went on forever!
    2.Shacking, Tim began to clime the frost covered ladder.

  5. Writing competition

    As I cautiously squelched through the barren, muddy wasteland, I noticed that the houses had been destroyed in the devastating fire that had happened a long while ago yet had left its mark firmly. My parents (who had been caught up in the fire) were now in hospital and receiving advanced treatment to heal their serious injuries. Now I was stuck in a horrid landscape with no food and nobody to help me. Isolated, freezing, breathless – could this get any worse?

    As a crow screeched in a leafless and frostbitten tree, I approached an estate of skeletal buildings that had been burnt from the inside and came across a ladder leaning against yet another burnt, lifeless house. The ladder seemed to be infinite and never ending as it lead up to the sky and beyond. Puzzled, I began to inspect it. However, the more I inspected this bizarre ladder, the more curiosity overran me. Finally, I decided to go ahead and climb this strange ‘ladder’.

    Unsure whether to go and explore the mighty world ahead, I set foot on the ‘ladder’ and started to climb and climb and climb… Eventually, I came to a stop and was amazed to see how far I had come (which, as you can imagine, was a very long way indeed). I climbed for a short while afterwards until I could physically do no more. Searching for a way down, I finally saw death for itself. With my arms weakened massively by the raw hardship of having to climb the ladder until I could not, I had fallen off and with a final breath of air, I met my fate…

    Thank you yet again for this blog Miss Murphy: takeover day was fantastic!

  6. Arithmetic
    3- 9001000

    Sick Sentences

    The ladder was towering over the house reaching the highest it can possibly reach. The more I look at it,the more I feel sick because I am afraid of heights. Tim decided to climb up the towering ladder. If he fell,If he got dizzy If he the ladder was unbalanced, then his life would be at risk.

  7. The ladder towered the clouds of doubt,growing into the mist,the rust cover the ladder as it was there for years .as if the original owner just left it there no one ever bought the house!!!

  8. The ladder towered the clouds of doubt. Growing into the sky. The moss covered every inch of it. Giant splinters pointed out of the gargantuan ladder making it look impossible clamber up to it. He stared at the silver lining on the cloud. He rested his hand on the the fith step. He breathed in deep and he began to climb the titan like ladder and headed forth to the unknown.

    By Your Writing Master Mr.K.Crawford!

    My favourite word is gargantuan still!

  9. Blog Story

    I walked up the burnt, warm, brown, hill to find an unusual discovery. Confused, Excited, eager to explore-What is this mysterious thing? There is a long twisted rickety ladder leading to the sky waiting for someone to climb up, it stretched longer than I could ever see and as thin as paper. I couldn’t resist the temptation to go up so I went with my brain not my heart. I had too to explore this mysterious place…

    I head up to find a new world, a paradise, a new beginning. This was nothing like Earth, it was tropical if not, magical.

    Sick Sentence.

    There is a long, twisted, rickety ladder leading to the sky waiting for someone to climb it.
    Confused, excited, eager to to climb, Tim went up the twisted ladder.

  10. Thank you for the sick sentences they have helped me

    The ladder was so big that it went beyond the skies and onwards

    The brave boy started to climb the ladder what was humongous

  11. the haunted house full of dust nobody would dare in that house !!! Only zombies and monsters can step foot in this house if a human comes in they will die !!! The monsters dont like human at all thats my story

  12. Tim looked at the ladder that had suddenly appeared next to his house with a lot of thoughts ,questions.It stretched right up to the place where your lightest dreams come true.The light at the top was almost unseeable but with lots of courage (not a lot of anything else) Tim started to climb.Climb to the top, was what he wanted to do.Climb to the top was what he needed to do to find where his future would lead him.

  13. As I woke up from my slumber I notice a ladder: a strange and peculiar ladder leading in the wonderful and whimsical sky. Strangely, it didn’t need a stand the only thing it was leaning was my small little hut, by the way I am a traveller and my name is Jake.My next quest was now to preserver and climb my way up there.Do not look down do not look down I said to myself. As I stepped my first step on the ladder I shook. having to preserver was not easy. finally when I stepped on the clouds my greatest dream came to live.

  14. My story
    As Tim looked out of the window that afternoon bored, he saw a rickety old ladder on his roof. Tim was an inquisitive boy, always looking for adventure.As he opened the door he saw how high the ladders end was, it was like he was looking at an endless line. Tim plucked up the courage to walk up to the ladder and start climbing.

    He never returned…
    3 years later…

    That disappearance caused a lot of commotion as the mystery was not yet solved. The ladder after 100 years had remained untouched. A lot of reasons are said to have caused the disappearance of 11 year old Tim, one being an evil scientist found him and locked him in a chamber powering the next experiment [plan to rule the world.]

    Another boy the same aged as Tim 3 years ago tried to repeat the stunt…

    To be continued…

  15. Wow what a week!
    Here are my sick sentences and my story.
    Against the war torn ,delapidated house stood an old,rusty ladder which caught young Tim’s eye and told him to climb it see what mystery’s lay on top of the mysterious house. As the ladder creaked Tim wondered if it such a good idea to climb it when it was so old,but he carefully scrambled up to the top. Tim sat on the roof,which was not sturdy and ful of holes,but suddenly felt a snap underneath him.CRASH!! The bords holding him up fell but he did not stop on the floor of the house…

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