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What do you need to do? Create 3-5 sentences writing from one of three player’s perspectives (don’t forget to use Alan Peat sentence types).

Peter Crouch is a highly skilled English footballer, that has played for clubs such as Liverpool and tottenham. He has been a victim of repeated name-calling, especially during a football match.

Juninho is Brazilian and was targeted by other clubs for being small. He suffered bad bumps and bruises because of people being too rough on him because of his high level of skill.

John Barnes moved to England from Jamaica when he was 13. It was hard for John growing up and he was singled out beacause of his race. John explains how his footballing ability helped him fit in.

Good Luck – winners announced next Friday!

Home Learning:


We shall be playing some chess soon, why not refresh on the rules and top tips? This is a useful website:

Chess For Kids


802 = What does this mean?!?!

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4 thoughts on “This week in 6LM

  1. I’ve always been small and I’ve always been bullied because of my height .The more I think about it the more smaller i feel . Now I’m a professional footballer i feel smaller than ever in the amazingly big stadium especially being only 5foot 9but i n not letting that stop me any more .
    17o)80squared=640 The little two means multiply by itself T

  2. Peter Crouch
    I’ve always been tall and always been bullied because of it. I try and try to stand up to the bullies and use my height against them but that has ended up the same as the start. However, the stronger my mindset is, the more I can stand up to them. The more I feel stronger, the more I stand up to them.
    Now, nobody bullies me anymore because I am mentally stronger than them. So remember: Don’t be afraid to stand up to bullies because you are MENTALLY STRONG!


  3. My whole entire 7 years in primary school and in high school, I have been bullied because of my height. I didn’t deserve it and I let it get to me very easily and quickly. Outside I tried to remain confident and strong (but inside I wanted the ground to swallow me do nobody would ever see me again. Now look at me! I used to be a shy and very short boy but now I am in a massive arena playing for my own football team with a family.

    1)6400. The two in the corner means to times it bu itself.
    4) 41.

    I am very sorry I didnt do last weeks blog challenges. I will try to stay more organized in the future.

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