Another great week in 6LM. Some children are working their socks off and making excellent progress. I have been particularly impressed with Adwaya this week who is always making the right choices. Adwaya is so kind to everyone else in class and is consistently sets a great example with his high expectations of himself. Well done, Adwaya.


A great week for spellings. Over half of the class with 12/12 in their test today. Many of the others were not far behind with 10 or 11. I am so pleased with the hard work, we now need to be applying these spelling rules to our written work.

SUMDOG Competition:

The SUMDOG competition starts on Monday and is 50p. I would love for all of my class to enter.

Home Learning:SPaG:

We have spoken about relative clauses and embedded clauses, as well as having a go at writing them. Here is some info that about them, which explains it very well:

Maths Arithmetic: Take your time with these – can you do the inverse to check them?Inference Task:

Here is a passage of text from Born to Run. What inferences can you infer? Comment below!


Image result for science

Some children have been doing Science experiments at home and sharing them with me – which I really appreciate. Miss Judge has recommended this exciting website for Science experiments:

  • Next week there are Parent Consultations.
  • The author Tom Palmer is visiting Tuesday!
  • Don’t forget PE Tuesday and Thursday.
  • We are having a Sumdog competition from Monday to Friday.

Thanks for all of your answers and comments on the class blog.

See you next week,

Miss Murphy

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  1. I think Paddywack is a dog because in the text it says, “Paddywack soon curled up on the chair” this makes me think that Paddywack is tired and is comfy.
    I think the characters in this passage are poor because in the text it says, “sell our potatoes to keep the pennies coming in” this makes me think that they need just a small amount of money to live.
    I think the person is very proud of the ‘dog’ and wants to reward him with a new home.

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