7 thoughts on “Check Mate!

  1. It really was an extremely joyful time for us. We got the opportunity to runite with chess and it was lovely. I would definately do that again. Thank you Mr Schofeild!

  2. Thank you for an awsome afternoon playing chess , Mr . schofield helped me Niah and Eric learn how to play chess . Now from a little help from my dads friend -who is the yorkshire chess champion – hopefully i’ll beat my dad next time . p.s. Miss Murphy good luck on your show.

  3. Having the surprise lesson reminded me how much I love playing! It’s was great for our exhibition and really fun. It is very interesting to know that people in the Indus Valley where the first people on earth to play chess. Thank you Miss Murphy and Mr.Schofield for giving us the opportunity to play again. Thank you , I really appreciate it . Sophie C

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