12 thoughts on “Friday wishes with Miss Linsley

  1. This very short end of the day lesson made me think on the way home how lucky we are to have a gorgeous school and i think we could make a difference to the world and not just when we’re adults whilst we’re still children thankyou Miss Murphy for a wonderful year.

  2. The last picture looks very satisfying . All off the dandelion bits were floating down very delicately. It looked very nice.

  3. Thank you Miss Murphy and Miss Linsley for a short , but very interesting end of the day . It finished of the week perfectly . It was so satisfying seeing the seeds fall down and make new life . Thanks again .

  4. This looks so beatiful it’s a shame I wasn’t there. This helps me to be thankful for not only what I’ve got but what’s around me and what helps me. Thanks miss Murphy for helping me through the year and miss Nelson.

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