May the 4th be with you!



The Bike ability instructors have been so impressed by all of the children who have done their cycling proficiency training so far. This will be finishing next week with the remaining children.

This week we have been planning our discussion texts using the IPEELL format and thinking about which sentence types we can use. We have been thinking about using “Does not… does” “Will not… will” “The question is:____” and “When, when, when, then.” The children have all written an introduction for their discussion text and will be continuing with this next week. The children could challenge themselves to include one of these in their homework this week. Next week we will be continuing to write our discussion texts.

In Topic we have been creating information leaflets about life in the Indus Valley in preparation for our exhibition. The children used IPEELL to structure their writing into an introduction, 3 points and an ending. We are currently finalising a date for the exhibition and will let you know as soon as possible. It will be a great opportunity for the children to share their learning with you. It will be at some point in the last week in this half term.

In our “Maths No Problem” lessons, we have moved on to percentages. We looked at the word percent and found that it means “of 100.” Using our knowledge of hundredths we were able to find percentages. We then combined this with our fractions knowledge and were able to convert fractions to allow us to find percentages much more easily (see methods below). Next week we will be finding percentages of amounts. They will be fantastic at finding new prices in a sale!

Home Learning!

Spelling- This week’s spellings are all words with the s sound spelt sc:

  1. Scissors
  2. Science
  3. Scent
  4. Ascender
  5. Muscle
  6. Fascinating
  7. Descended
  8. Scene
  9. Crescent
  10. Discipline

Blue book

The children are finishing the story based on the picture below and are challenged to try and include one of the sentence types that we learned this week in class. An example of those used in sentences are also below.

Grammar – 50 51 Using commas.

Maths-  40 & 41 Percentages

Bike ability will continue next week for those children who have not already done it.

The children went to Allerton High this morning with Mr Ash and Mrs Wake so I am so excited to hear all about it on Monday. Encourage them to comment on our class blog with what they got up to!

FOOTBALL PLAYERS – If you are playing football on Tuesday (you would have had a letter today) don’t forget your kit.

Also, an obvious reminder, we are closed on Monday for the bank holiday. The Sun is shining, let’s hope it stays like this for the weekend. Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend!

Miss M 🙂

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  1. Thank you for writing this blog again Miss Murphy I really appreciate the work that you put in for all of our class. Thank you for reminding us football players to bring our kits.
    Kind regards,


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