As I hit the ground, I came to meet my frozen brothers. My brothers were crammed together like baked beans in a tin and surrounded me like bees around a honeycomb. Melting, squashed, destroyed-which would be the worst?

Snowflakes are tough: braving the harsh winters; surviving the freezing temperatures; falling from extreme heights. I find myself being elevated into the bitter air and being squashed between my brothers by a mysterious, soft and gentle material that belongs to humans. The more I get put in a snowball the more weak I get. Suddenly, I’m hurtling through the raw air and land with a thud…

I came to rest on a much rougher material that was a human’s battered coat. Dizzily, I grabbed on for dear life. There I hung for what felt like weeks but was probably only a few minutes. As the human finally trudged inside I knew it was soon to be the end of me. In the warm, snug house of the humans my life threatened to come to a close. Melting, disappearing, dying – was this the end?

By Daniel and Michael Fotherby

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