Friday 24th February, 2017

On magnificent Monday, we did some magic maths, interesting IPEELL and terrific topic!

On troublesome Tuesday, we wrote about our first and second week at Allerton high and we did some more IPEELL and marvellous maths.

On wonderful Wednesday, we did a biography about Ernest Shackleton, but we wrote it in a handwriting pen and every time we made a mistake we would have to start again. Toby started about 3 times and Cian on the other hand started once and Alex started 5 times and some people had to start again about 6 times.WOW!That’s a lot of people!

Unfortunately,on Thursday,PE was cancelled due to Miss Wright being poorly. So,Mrs Elfallali covered us. In RE,we learnt about the 100 names of Allah(God).In French,we learnt the fruits and vegetables.

On Friday,our early bird was to write a story including 6 things (some were hilarious. And, the Reading Buddies had their first proper session.

Our learners of the week are, Cian and Taiya. Cian because he improved in his behaviour and Taiya because she always is helping people.

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(Look out for next weeks blog, we will be videoing a rap!)

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