Friday 3rd February

Friday 3rd February, 2017

A special thanks to Toby and Ayush and the bloggers, Cian and Alex, for joining us today.

On Monday,we started a new subject, which is reading for 10 minutes with activities after. By the way,we are split up into two groups, one doing King of the Arctic and the other doing Kensuke’s Kingdom.

On Tuesday what did we do? Well, we had a supply teacher and we missed Miss Murphy!

On Wednesday, we did some more topic work about Sir Ernest Shackleton and some pole to pole. We compared the Arctic to Antarctica. Quick fact!! Polar bears live in the Arctic and penguins live in Antarctica.

On Friday, well the day we made this, we did IPEELL and we did 100 words challenge here is a bit from Cian’s book: It was time to show her cubs to grab food from the city to solve her hunger. First, she carefully modelled how to crack the slippery, freezing ice……. what happens to the baby Polar bears?

We marked each others work and gave our friends 2 stars and a wish for their writing.

Hope you enjoyed our blog and we will be back with you next week, bye.


Good Afternoon,

We have had a good week in Year 5. We started off on Monday with lots more reading. We are loving “Kensuke’s Kingdom” and our non-chronological reports about the Arctic and Antarctic. It is helping us with our writing too and have collated words that we want to “magpie” for our own writing.

In maths we have been multiplying 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. It has been really tricky but we are getting there. Keep practising those times tables because they are the foundation for all multiplication and make it so much easier. We are moving on to division next week so I have set the homework as division this week so we can see where our existing knowledge is and have a refresh before we start in school.

In IPEELL we have been planning to write a biography about Ernest Shackleton. We have done some great web research and planning and are ready to write on Monday!

In topic we compared the Arctic and Antarctica. We created writing and lovely illustrations to go with it. I am impressed with the writing that the children produced.

In R.E. we have been looking at patience. We are looking at stories in the Qu’ran and their morals. We are writing our own story with the moral of patience. The childrens task is to research different stories with morals over the weekend.

Our learner of the week is Zain. Zain consistently works extremely hard and sets a fantastic example to the rest of the class. What has impressed me even further this week is Zains resilience. When he gets something wrong, Zain strives for improvement and is always looking for his mistakes so he can self correct. He owns his learning! Well done, Zain!

Hope you have a good week,

Miss Murphy

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