Happy Friday!

Friday 27th January,2017
Just to start with Special Thanks to Toby,Ayush and Ben for joining us on the special blog 18.

On Monday, we carried on with our Arctic story and finished all our little tweaks. We also did maths and topic.

On Wednesday,we went to Allerton High for science. It was the best lesson we’ve had in AGES! As you would expect, we went over LOADS of safety rules but Mr.Allcock (the science teacher) made it fun. Once we had gone over all that, we learned how to light bunsen burners and we burnt types of iron. We also burnt magnesium which made a really bright light it was EXCELLENT.

On Thursday,it was quite mixed up.We had PE with the other class(5SK).Quite interesting.We played Benchball,Monkey Football and had a warm up and I tell you
it is TIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, in Science, we made a google slides about planets so I did pluto which is a dwarf planet. A dwarf planet travels around, or orbits, the sun just like other planets. But it is much smaller. Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930.

Today we did our normal spelling things and we did and our test. This weeks 10/10 spellers were Cian ,Nishta ,Simrath, Alex, Rose ,Layla, Subhaan, and Zain

Thank you


Good Afternoon!

Well first of all we are just pleased to have had a week free from inspections. What a relief!

We have had a fantastic week and have produced some fabulous work, I am so pleased. We started off on Monday learning about Earth and Space and talking about celestial features, we found some definitions and have started creating presentations to show to the rest of the class. Our science continued at Allerton High on Wednesday. It was so exciting, we got to burn stuff! We learnt all about lab safety and then got the chance to use the bunsen burners. We burnt iron filings which made a sparkling effect and magnesium which shone bright.

We have also been learning some trickier multiplication this week but have improved massively in confidence. We especially love the grid method as it is so clear. It has also reminded us about the importance of our multiplication tables. Keep learning these at home.

In IPEELL we have completed our stories, I have read some and they are looking fantastic. The progress children have made is so evident and I am so pleased. We have now moved on to Biographies.

During our topic lessons we have continued our pole to pole topic and have learnt about the human and physical features of Antarctica. The children produced some excellent ideas and it was beautifully presented.

We have also been thinking about forgiveness, what does this mean to us? How do we ask for forgiveness? I have asked the children to think about this at home and feed back in class. Our school is so fantastically diverse, it is excellent to hear about how our values are a part of everybody’s lives.

We also began our new reading session. One group is reading Kensuke’s Kingdom, a Michael Morpurgo classic. The other half reading “King of the Arctic.” We are having a 10 minute read daily followed by comprehension skills. Great preparation for assessment and the children have been really enjoying it!

Miss Murphy 🙂

Here are some photos of our time at Allerton High this week:







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