Friday 20th January 2017

Today we have had a great day here is another great blog for you all,

And this week’s learner of the week is Toby for his massive improvement in handwriting so well done for him.

Today we have been starting our big write and we have been producing brilliant writing and there are some pen passes on the line.

Our topic is POLE TO POLE and it is all about the north and south pole. We have got of to a brilliant start and have produced some fabulous work so far.

We just did a big write on the Arctic we started at 11:00 and have done about half a page on average and the quality is excellent. Here is a bit of Alex’s. As the orange sun rose from the ice blue sky, it cast a warm shadow over the landscape. <— Good, we know!

In P.E we have done basketball and some matches. Also, we have been creating our own warm ups.

By the bloggers, Alex and Cian special thanks to Toby 🙂 😉


Thanks Bloggers,

We have had another jam packed and crazy week. What a way to start the new term.

We started off with our homework debate, we prepared great arguments for and against having homework. We looked at our value of democracy and had a fantastic debate allowing everyone to have their say.


On Monday we also tuned in to BBC for their “live lesson.” It was fantastic, we learnt so much about writing narrative which fit so well into our IPEELL lessons this week. We have decided to enter the competition “500 words.” From hearing what the children have produced so far, it is going to be fantastic.


We have been continuing our work on longitude and latitude in our “Pole to Pole.” We have discussed the difference between countries and continents and located them on a map.

In R.E. we have continued our work on Islam and have been doing some drama. We looked at what it means to be good and lead a good life. We have looked at Luqmaans advice to his son and created liquid pictures to recreate this. The children were so creative and came up with so many fantastic ideas.


We have also discussed what it means to be a good learner this week. We have been watching the videos on class dojo on “perseverance” and talked about Katie being in “the dip.” We created documents on the chrome books about our learning line and what it means to us.

Maths no problem also got even trickier this week as we were multiplying 2 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. We worked out many different methods to find one that suits us. We got there in the end!

Many thanks,

Miss Murphy

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