Friday 13th January 2017

Good morning/afternoon everyone how are you doing today? Here is the 15th or 16th blog for you enjoy 🙂

First on Monday In IPEELL , we did something like target time where you need to look at picture of the Arctic and create a description of it, it was brilliant. This week we have been learning about Pole to Pole.It’s very interesting and exciting.So,SO EXCITING! In P.E. we did gymnastics with Miss Murphy and Miss Wright. We enjoyed it very much and our group performed and had chance to improve. We experimented with different levels and balances. On Friday, we did music. But this week, something unexpected happened. Ben’s thumb oozed with a blister! Too much hard work on that Ukulele. Get better soon, Ben!

Megan said her highlight of the week was, “learning maths because I enjoy maths.”
Rose said her highlight of the week was, “Improving the speed of my writing, I got much more done in the lessons.”
Domantas said his highlight of the week was, “Starting Mr Kay’s writing club.”

Thank you for reading!
Have a good week,

By 5LM.

Thanks to the bloggers and the other class members who helped with this weeks blog!

We started this week of with looking at our value thankfulness. We thought about the things in our life that we are thankful for and had some fantastic discussion. We created a collage of those things as a class. We also finished off our pilgrimages topic in R.E. and starting our new topic.

In IPEELL we have been planning our story based on out topic. We looked at a dozen ways to open a story and also looked at character. The children were so creative, I can’t wait to read their stories!

In maths we have moved on to looking at multiplying 2,3 and 4 digit numbers. We have explored the different methods that we can use to help us. The children have been amazing at working together and being kind and helpful to their peers.

In PE we have continued with our gymnastics. I have loved watching the stories they have created through movement and balance. It’s a fantastic unit that the children clearly enjoy.

We have started some geography as part of our topic “Pole to Pole.” We have looked at longitude and latitude and learnt a song to help us remember!
We have been looking at our British values and discussing current affairs. We watch news round and debate on the topics. This week we have been looking at the great homework debate! We have been collating ideas for a debate in class on Monday.

Thank you for you continued support,

Miss Murphy





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