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Friday 6th January 2017

Happy new year everyone hope you have a brilliant 2017 and we have had a brilliant first week back.

We have been doing narratives in IPEELL and we highlighted the features of IPEELL and Miss Murphy was impressed with Alina for her focus and how helpful she was to other children.

In maths we have been doing square and cube numbers and Miss Murphy was impressed with Aleah for her effort.

In PE we have been starting gymnastics and Miss Wright was impressed with Malakhi’s group who was Malakhi, Toby, Cian and Subhaan.
Learner of the week is Laibaah for doing lexia over the holidays so well done there.

In music we are starting to play the ukulele so I hope we do well in music today.

From Alex and Cian THE BLOGGERS!!

Thank you bloggers again!

Welcome back everyone and a big Happy New Year! What a start we have had, it is great for the children to come back with such a fantastic attitude towards learning. I was so impressed with Laaibah for hitting all of her Lexia targets at home over the holidays, we are so lucky to have Lexia and it helps the children so much with reading.

We have started looking at our new Topic which is Pole to Pole. We came up with enquiry questions about what they want to learn over our Topic. We are all so excited to learn as we all agree that the Arctic is amazing!

Our value for the week is Thankfulness. So think, what are you thankful for?

I popped my head into P.E. this week and was so impressed with what I saw. The children have started learning gymnastics and their creativity was fantastic (see pictures).

And finally, music! We love our Friday music lessons with Mr Mercer. It has now got even more exciting as we are learning to play the Ukulele! We have started by learning the C chord and learning songs to help us remember all of the parts.

Have a great weekend!

See you next week,

Miss Murphy






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