Tis the season for the blog falalalalalalala!

This week was the start of  DECEMBER!! And we have done all sorts for advent hope you have enjoyed your chocolate.

We have had brilliant learning and in IPEELL, Miss Murphy has been very pleased with Amir, because of his resilience.

 And the learner of the week is … Aleah for improving in her confidence massively! 😀

In “Maths, no problem!”, we have all been learning about factors (numbers that divide by other numbers to give a whole number.)

On Wednesday, in PE we did orienteering because the muga was slippery so basically what it is, is you get into teams of 2 and you have 5 cones and you hide them and mark on a map and you find them.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from the bloggers 😀


Thank you again for the blog.

Apologies for the lack of blogging. There has been some technical issues. We are now back to our weekly blog!

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday!

Another fantastic week in 5LM and we have been starting our Advent learning. We started off the week with quite a few children missing for cross country, Miss Wright has given me fantastic feedback about the children who went. Well done to them! We spent our Afternoon making an Advent wreath with Christmas messages and prayers on for us to read on each day of Advent. They produced a lovely wreath with some beautiful writing.

IMG_0357[1] IMG_0354[1] IMG_0359[1] IMG_0361[1]

This week in Maths No Problem we have moved onto looking at Multiples and Factors. After a confusing start, we have really grasped it! I am so impressed with the resilience in the class, the children have kept trying and trying until they had mastered the idea. Keep practising those times tables though, then it will be much easier!

In IPEELL we have been working on our recount, using ISPACE to write exciting sentence openers. See if the children can tell you what that stands for?

This week in P.E. we sharpened up our map skills and did some orienteering. Zain and Alex particularly impressed us with their fantastic skills following a map to find another groups hidden cones.

Finally, in topic, we have been learning all about being a Hoplite in Ancient Greece. We went outside to practise going to battle in formation.IMG_0362[1]

Miss Murphy


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