Friday 11th November



This week has been a very hectic and busy. Our classroom has changed and the best thing is that we got (drum roll) 24 MINUTES Golden time.YAY!!! We’ve only lost 1 minute! We loved the snow, it was amazing and EVERYONE loved it.

Learner of the  week is Jak! For his all round improvement.

We were sent a letter from Ananias (a greek lord)and we were completely amazed. Ananias was a Greek person who were sent on a mission to spread the message about the Greeks.

We should remember those who died to make the world a better place for us so we had a 2 minutes silence for them.  

By Zain,Alex,and Ayush


Thanks boys!

Make sure you check out the ACE arts blog! There are some amazing photographs from the performance last Tuesday.

It has been a chilly week but we have been working extremely hard. We have explored methods of addition in Maths No Problem and writing fantastic instructions in IPEELL. We have planned our experiment for next week in science, we can’t wait to get started on our electrical circuits. Hear all about it next week.


Miss Murphy

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