4th November 2016

A new week and new learning opportunities for everyone!

This week started with it being hectic. We performed Macbeth and we did very well. We actually stole the show with Macbeth and Lady Macbeth learning all of their lines (and everyone else too). It was an amazing experience to have performed their. Literally i really wanted that day to be everyday. We did a tech rehearsal, a dress rehearsal and the proper live performance.

Stars of the week  are….everyone! Everyone was star of the week because of our great perseverance and for our absolutely great performances. The other schools did romeo & juliet and Midsummer nights dream. They were all great, we were the youngest there!!

It was the best day ever!



Another fantastic blog, thanks to Alex and Zain this week!

I am immensely proud of everyone for their performance on Tuesday, it was a fantastic celebration of our learning!

Now back to the hard work in class and we are starting on our new topic, Greeks! I am sure we will have just as much fun.

See you next week!IMG_0201

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