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The day everyone loves because you don’t go to school for one week.

We have done a big persuasive write to persuade Mr.Kay’s class to come and watch us at the Carriageworks.We have been practicing continually for Macbeth. I think that we have made brilliant progress and we will do well on the night. Obviously, I am nervous as I am scared that I will stumble with my lines and spoil the whole play!

Now Cian has to definitely learn his lines as he stars as Macbeth!!!

Well done to Simrath for leaner of  the week ;] for her maths this week .

Music this week was brilliant with our samba music we practiced even more today. I still have earache!

Written by thy bloggers, Cian and Alex.  😀


Thanks again boys!

We are so excited for our performance on 1st November. We will tell you all about it in our next blog.

Miss Murphy 🙂

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