5LM Week 4

This week has been the first ‘proper’ full week in our class and 5LM have been excelling in their learning.

One thing we have been doing is practicing our Macbeth performance. If you read last week’s blog you will know that we are going to the Carriageworks in November. But Thursday’s practice, Cian was absent and he is Macbeth! But Miss Murphy came to save the day by doing a brilliant job of saying the many lines of Macbeth.

Congratulations to our learner of the week (drum roll) Briony for excellent progress in her work and spellings.

Our IPEELL work has been excellent this week, especially Magan and Amir, who have been trying their best so credit to them. IPEELL stands for:







Overall, 5LM  have had worked exceedingly hard.

Written by the bloggers, Alex and Cian.


Thank you again to Alex and Cian for another fantastic blog! We have settled back into our classroom and we have been hard at work all week. I am so impressed with lots of childrens positive attitude to learning. Our workshop with the director for the Shakespeare Schools Festival is on Monday and we are all very exited. We will tell you all about it next week!

Miss Murphy 🙂

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