Fun in the Art studio!

Friday 23rd September 2016

Written by Alex and Cian

This fortnight we have been in the art studio and our topic has been Macbeth.We have been doing some drama by acting it out because in November we are going to the carriageways.We have been looking at scenes from Macbeth to practice our facial expression

The main cast is: Macbeth – Cian      

Lady Macbeth – Alina

Banquo – Brandon.

Also, this afternoon we experienced google cardboard (it was like Virtual Reality for school). We visited places like Greece(not in real life). Under the sea,space it looked  exactly like real life!

We performed in front of our parents and they really enjoyed it.

One of the hardest challenges to overcome was not to smile and to keep our serious faces on which was very hard for some people as they all have beautiful smiles!
Our learner of the week is Ayush well done as he also got a smelly sticker (doesn’t mean he’s the smelliest in the class).


Thank you to Alex and Cian for writing our blog this week! All the children have worked extremely hard over the past two weeks, what a great way to start the year.

Miss Murphy 🙂

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