Remembrance Day

Today, we discussed Remembrance Day. We talked a lot about WW1 and how it was the biggest conflict in history (at the time). Additionally, we also spoke about why we wear poppies and why we do minutes of silence.

Following this, you all completed 100 word challenges on Remembrance Day. Your writing ranged from poems to recounts and from newspaper reports to diaries.


We practised multiplying two fractions together this week. We know that there are three steps:

  1. Multiply the numerators
  2. Multiply the denominators
  3. Simplify the fraction

Times Tables Rockstars!

Image result for ttrockstars

We have a brand-new programme to try out in our school called ‘Times Tables Rock Stars. It helps us with our Times Tables by answering questions online and on paper.

How do we use it?


Your login details are exactly the same as your Sumdog ones.

What section should we play on?

To being with, play in The Studio. This sends me information of what your strengths and weaknesses are.

I also think you can set a Rock Avatar and Stage name – ENJOY!


We began a netball sequence of lessons on Thursday. I really enjoy teaching netball, as you need to your teammates to score points… Because you cannot run with the ball, but only without it!

We focused on the chest pass and agility this week. To improve our chest passes, we worked in small groups of 4-6 people and numbered ourselves. We then passed the ball in number order. The children without the ball were allowed to move – it looked really good. Our agility game was so much fun. Everyone has a cone they stood on and when I blew my whistle, you had to find another cone. To make it a competition, I removed a cone each time – it was almost like musical chairs.



I spoke a lot on Thursday about ‘word classes’ and how a word can change its meaning depending on how we use it in a sentence. The example I used were ‘walk’ and ‘plant’:

Noun: That was a great walk! … Here we are talking about the ‘walk’ as a thing, a noun.

Verb: We will walk to school… We are using ‘walk’ as a verb because we are doing it.

Noun: Miss judge bought me a beautiful plant.

Verb: Shall we plant the seeds?

I had a look through my resources and managed to find a question that will put your understanding to the test – see how you get on:

TOP TIP:Eliminate the answers that you know it is not to begin with.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Murphy

Blog Challenges


Home Learning:

Maths Arithmetic:

Fairly simple questions this week – make sure you try them. You can definitely do the inverse (opposite) to check:

What did you learn this week? What is a prime number? What is a composite number? Did you learn anything about sentence clauses?

Some extra (EXTRA) learning you can have a go at:

I posted a week or so ago about ‘relative’ and ’embedded‘ clauses. We have done lots of work on these in class and you are becoming really confident with it.

Why not create your sentences below, to see if you can remember how to do them. Here are some pictures you could write about:

Idea 1:Idea 2:Image result for spidermanIdea 3:Related imageIdea 4:

Related image


I look forward to seeing some of these!

Miss Murphy

Think Like A Pony

Keagan has been visiting Think Like A Pony every Friday where he has been enjoying learning about and riding the ponies. Keagan had the chance to pick his favourite and he chose a pony called Duncan because of his role as King Duncan in Macbeth last year.

Keagan said, “I love going on a Friday and now I’ve got a book and I can’t wait to show you what I learn on a Friday. I love seeing Duncan. The best bit is my new hat! Today we did a quiz and I got first place!”
Well done, Keagan. We can’t wait to hear more. 

Tom Palmer

We were lucky enough to have Tom Palmer in School this week to talk about his books. 

Tom Palmer, who is from Leeds, is a successful children’s author. He is passionate about creating children’s stories that contain sport and history.

Tom said “When I write a story, I like to use real objects to help me.” Tom then  showed us lots of different objects he has from the Second World War!

The session was split into sections:

  • 1. Discussing people’s favourite books, newspapers and magazines.
  • A quiz.
  • A PowerPoint containing Tom’s ideas for his new book.
  • A Penalty shoot-out!
  • A writing session

To find out more about Tom Palmer, visit:


Thanks for for visiting us Tom and thank you for organising Miss Whiteley!

Another great week in 6LM. Some children are working their socks off and making excellent progress. I have been particularly impressed with Adwaya this week who is always making the right choices. Adwaya is so kind to everyone else in class and is consistently sets a great example with his high expectations of himself. Well done, Adwaya.


A great week for spellings. Over half of the class with 12/12 in their test today. Many of the others were not far behind with 10 or 11. I am so pleased with the hard work, we now need to be applying these spelling rules to our written work.

SUMDOG Competition:

The SUMDOG competition starts on Monday and is 50p. I would love for all of my class to enter.

Home Learning:SPaG:

We have spoken about relative clauses and embedded clauses, as well as having a go at writing them. Here is some info that about them, which explains it very well:

Maths Arithmetic: Take your time with these – can you do the inverse to check them?Inference Task:

Here is a passage of text from Born to Run. What inferences can you infer? Comment below!


Image result for science

Some children have been doing Science experiments at home and sharing them with me – which I really appreciate. Miss Judge has recommended this exciting website for Science experiments: http://www.physics.org/marvinandmilo.asp

  • Next week there are Parent Consultations.
  • The author Tom Palmer is visiting Tuesday!
  • Don’t forget PE Tuesday and Thursday.
  • We are having a Sumdog competition from Monday to Friday.

Thanks for all of your answers and comments on the class blog.

See you next week,

Miss Murphy

Ilkley Literature Festival

Last week we were lucky enough to visit Ilkley Literature Festival. We had a fantastic time meeting the author of one of our favourites in 6LM ‘Letters from the Lighthouse.’ She was talking to us all about her new book ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ and her journey to becoming an Author.

Her new book is based on Ancient Egypt and she brought it to life by having one of the children mummified! Amelia did a fantastic job as being her mummy and thankfully we got her back to school in one piece.

After the author visit we had our book trail. Despite the wet weather, we had the most amazing time following the maps to find the clues in the shop windows. James was an expert map reader and was speedy when finding the Mr Men characters in the windows. Well done, James.

We are always so lucky when Mr Sherbourne comes on trips with us, especially because he takes the most amazing photographs. Thank you.

Thank you to Miss Whiteley for organising this fabulous trip.

Miss Murphy

‘Pass-it-on messages’

Unfortunately, there have been some horrible ‘pass-it-on messages’ going around in social media. Pass-it-on messages are made to make (or pressure) you to send them on to other people. The messages can make you really worry about things.

Are the rumours true? Can bad things happen if I do not send the messages on?


They might seem real, but sending the messages on will only make YOU and OTHER people worry. People have only made them up to make you send them on.

What should I do?

If you are worried about these messages – please speak to a parent, carer or myself about them.

Remember, that we are here to help you. Don’t worry and PLEASE speak to an adult!

Times Tables!

Image result for times tables

Miss Linsley has suggested the following websites to help you with your times tables. They’re brilliant and will really help you with your speed and accuracy with your times table facts.

Www.topmarks.co.uk ( multiplication and division) 

Keep working hard on your times tables 🙂

Thank you for this Miss Linsley.


Miss Murphy

This week’s challenges

Our spelling scores are in planners. Please practise any incorrect spellings.

This week’s home learning:


Arithmetic Questions 3 & 4 Revision.

REMEMBER: do the inverse (opposite for question 4p):


Celebrity Tweets: Can you correct their SPaG?


Miss Murphy

Building a Computer

This afternoon we looked at what might be involved in building our own computer out of human beings and a ruler. We discovered why humans count in base 10 and digital computers count in base 2 or binary. Our human binary counter actually worked …. eventually!

So, a few questions came up for which we didn’t have an answer:

  1. What does ASCII stand for?
  2. What is ASCII?
  3. What is the largest number you can count to with:
    1. 8 bits
    2. 16 bits
    3. 32 bits
    4. 64 bits?