Well done this week everyone, you all made it into school… Even though I know it was difficult to get up, especially after Christmas. I really enjoyed our first week in our new classroom – how did you find it? Here are the tasks you need to complete – let’s go for it this term!

Home Learning:

Maths Reasoning: Adding:

Think like a detective as you read this question… What do you notice? What are the important parts? What do you know about liters and milliliters? If someone uses something, or spends it, or takes it away, which operation is it (add/subtract/multiply/divide)? This is a little easier. Can you use a bar model for this second question? Be careful with your place value. Double check your answer:


We spoke about this today – remember to find a common denominator before adding these fractions. Start with the smallest denominator and see if you find a common multiple:

For 30o and 30p:

Remember that dividing by 4 means you are dividing into 4 parts. So you can write the 4 as 1/4 (you are dividing into quarters.

Your question then reads: 1/30 ÷ 1/4

To solve the question from here:

  • Multiply the numerators
  • Multiply the denominators
  • Simplify (if you possible)


Learning these spellings will set you up nicely for the Summer. Don’t panic and try to learn them all at once… Pick 10, practise them and then try another 10 the next day.

Please practise the spellings as much as you can. There are lots, but  and begin to work through your Lexia units,

Have a good weekend,

Miss Murphy

Thursday 20th December, 2018

Happy Christmas everyone! Thank you for all of you hard work this term and for all of your help when moving classrooms. You made it fun and I can’t wait to see you all there in 2019! Please make sure you complete all of the home learning set:

Arithmetic: For question 28o… is it true or false?


Please make sure you know as many of these spellings as possible. We shall carry on learning different spelling rules each week, but these are some suggested to learn by the Department for Education:


Have a go at this SPaG activity, write your answers in the comment section.

Home Learning:

Please complete all of the home learning by Friday 11th January:

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year,

Miss Murphy


We have got into the festive spirit this week and decorated our classroom. I have even been talked into putting tinsel up in my room!! I do love this time of year and all of us in 6LM have loved starting our Advent learning this week and have been rehearsing our songs for our carol service on Tuesday. The songs are sounding great but we need some more practice with Joy to the World.

Steve is back!!

Brooke took Steve home this week and did some excellent Maths. Well done Brooke and Steve.


Home Learning

A lack of planners in school and a dip in spelling scores this week. These are all from the GaPS paper you did this week. Please learn and bring your planner in every day next week!


Think about:

  • What does the small 2 represent?
  • What is a square number?
  • Rewrite the question with the new number before the addition


Identify the subject, object and verb in the sentences below:

  1. Sarah passed the rugby ball.
  2. Alex combed his hair.
  3. Richard drove his car.

Which of these sentences are written in the active voice? How about the passive voice?

  1. The knot was untied by Amber.
  2. Without warning, Tim hit the tennis ball.
  3. Slowly but surely, the burgers were eaten by the class.

Thank you for your hard work this week and all of your comments on the blog!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Murphy







30th November

Home Learning:

Computing with Mr Moore:

Yesterday we enjoyed programming micro bits with Mr Moore. Thank you to Mr Moore for inspiring us as always. We loved it!


The Leeds Sumdog Competition starts today and finishes next Thursday. Compete against other schools to be crowned Sumdog champions!



Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Challenge:

  1. Use the word score in a sentence as a noun.
  2. Use the word score in a sentence as a verb.
  3. Use the determiners: ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’ correctly in the sentences below:

I ate ….. apple at break time.

Can you please pass me ….. ball over there?

I am having ….. nap because I’m tired.

Inference: Read like a Detective!

His mother woke him as usual that morning, shaking his shoulder and then kissing him gently as he rolled over. It was pitch black around him, but then he was used to that by now. For months they had slept down in the cellar on the bunks his father had made the last time he was home on leave…


  • What do I notice?
  • What does that tell me about…?
  • I wonder if this means…
  • Maybe this could mean…

Thank you for all of your comments last week 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Miss Murphy

Takeover Day:

Today, children from all over the school had the opportunity to take over the role of a teacher. But it wasn’t just about today – they had to get through a strenuous application process first, where they had to say why they would be good for the role!

I was lucky enough to have 4 Miss Murphy’s today: 

Daniel, Isaac and Matthew from 6LM and Layal from 4SP.

It was a pleasure to have them work with me today; they did a brilliant job by giving clear instructions and assisting me with my daily jobs. They planned their own lessons and even helped me mark! What I was really impressed with was how keen they were to impress and how organised they were throughout the day – well done!


Home Learning:

In case you missed it – here is the home learning that we’ve set:


We do this skill every day. Remember which way the digits move when you divide and how it is the opposite for multiplication. We have been talking about noticing parts of a questions before we attempt them:


  • I notice that it is division, which means my digits need to move to the right… (or the point moves to the left but I did not teach you that muhaha).
  • I notice that it is divide by 100 which means I need to move two places.

Writing Competition:

Have a go at this challenge. The best will win raffle tickets in class.

resource image

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The ladder was big.

Tim started to climb the ladder.

Winners will be announced in class on Thursday.

Learners of the week are Niall and Ashley. They have both been working incredibly hard on their handwriting and have earned their pen passes today. Well done!

Have a super weekend,

Miss Murphy

This week in 6LM


What do you need to do? Create 3-5 sentences writing from one of three player’s perspectives (don’t forget to use Alan Peat sentence types).

Peter Crouch is a highly skilled English footballer, that has played for clubs such as Liverpool and tottenham. He has been a victim of repeated name-calling, especially during a football match.

Juninho is Brazilian and was targeted by other clubs for being small. He suffered bad bumps and bruises because of people being too rough on him because of his high level of skill.

John Barnes moved to England from Jamaica when he was 13. It was hard for John growing up and he was singled out beacause of his race. John explains how his footballing ability helped him fit in.

Good Luck – winners announced next Friday!

Home Learning: